the inner adventure
to find your center

situated in the North area of Bucharest
a city oasis of calm and introspection
clarity and peace of mind
support, love, and encouragement
grounding and balance in your body


Our mission is to connect you with an experienced team of therapists, facilitators, and coaches whom we deeply trust.

Future group sessions will be posted here.

Individual Sessions

“We need a bold, courageous, adventurous heart to take us where we have never gone. Because that’s what the inner journey is - going where we haven’t gone before.” - A.H. Almaas

Future individual sessions will be posted here.

Community Connectors

In a world of stress and psychosomatic illness, The Center is a magical place, an oasis of calm and harmony
where we can support each other, feel safe to open up, and heal.

We wish that here you will find what are you looking for!

Anda Hobai

ANC SIAF certified Holistic Counselor and Meditation Facilitator

There is calm and balance inside our mind, heart and body; there is wisdom and power to heal, and to achieve our dreams. I will guide you to find them.


A warm, welcoming space, and beautiful hosts, creating a family atmosphere.


Usually I do not manage to meditate for too much time but through dance it was like time had vanished suddenly and I was in the center of Timeless Love. My body also felt free to move, to express without rules or shame in a safe space. Thank you for your gentleness, warm, kindness, and endless love for the others. Your magical events sustain all of us on our way! Keep doing them!


My favorite sacred place in Bucharest ❤ Great for meditation, courses, private sessions, and much more...


Tonight was a magic experience for me. All the special ingredients of deep meditation were present - the special music, the touch of sage - and a space where I felt safe to open up for all the emotions and experiences that followed - joy, anger, aliveness, sadness, peacefulness, and love. I went home singing and laughing with all my heart. Thank you for all the care and love with which you created this magical space.


Tonight we had an awesome experience in our full moon meditation. The sky and the moon offered us all the light and we received it in our hearts. Thank you for taking care of this temple for our beings. We can feel the love you put here, and the magic was in the air.

Sumeia Ananda

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