Solution Focused Constellations

11 Mar

Life has a healing energy and we have this incredible ability to heal, get over difficult and traumatic experiences and build even new strengths out of them.

We invite you to an evening of solution focused constellations where you can explore the deeper dynamics that exist within all systems, influencing us at a soul level, affecting how we behave, feel and make decisions.

Systemic constellations can help you to look at a situation you are personally involved in, from a meta-position. You can use them as an intervention when you are stuck and you want to take a look at what is going on. The process brings up often surprising perspectives and ideas. A constellation is a way of representing the pattern of relationships within a system. These relationships may be between family members, work colleagues, friends, or even more abstract elements in our inner world, such as my goal and an obstacle that hinders me to reach it.

Constellations offer an opportunity to:
- invite more joy and energy into your life
- solve conflicts in your professional and personal environment,
make coherent decisions
- develop and implement visions and personal goals
- get stronger connected with your resources and inner strengths
- develop more focus, clarity and inner balance.

There is no previous knowledge or experience required to participate at a constellation session. You can just observe, be a representative in a client’s constellation or even work on your own topic yourself as a client. Each role offers learning and development opportunities.

You should bring is an open mind, curiosity to discover something new and willingness to support others in their development.

On the evening workshop we will have time to work on 1 – 2 constellations. They can create a space where healing can happen.

Fee: 100 lei / evening - please register and pay online here:

Coach: Petra Müller-Demary - founder of SolutionSurfers Romania. Petra works for over 15 years in personal development as a coach and trainer. She was trained in Systemic Constellations by Matthias Varga von Kibbed and Insa Sparrer in Munich.

  • Get in touch with Petra Müller-Demary if you need to discuss the details of this event.
  • Phone: +40 (0)722 503 540 / email: