Master of the Fury 2

18 Jan

Anger can reveal to us exactly where our life is not responding to our needs, if we follow it's energy by curiosity and without judgment.

Do you want to discover your real power?

Anger can reveal to us exactly where our life is not responding to our needs, if we follow it's energy by curiosity and without judgment.

When we befriend anger, we don’t lose ourselves into it. We don’t hurt others or ourselves with its flames. We transcend it into strength and freedom.

Think about how anger is manifested in your life...

Is it embraced as a healthy part of yourself and used as a guide towards your real needs?

Do you use its grounded courage to own your power and defend yourself?

Is your anger uncontrolled, destructive and dangerous, or maybe twisted, indirect, and passive aggressive?

Do you suppress it and prefer to stop breathing and disconnect, blaming yourself for your feelings?

Or is completely denied and replaced with spiritual emphasis, compassion and resignation?


My name is Anda Hobai.

8 years ago I decided to risk everything I’ve created in my life, and find out who I really am, with no compromises.

It took me a lot of courage to look inside myself and to connect with my anger, my fear, my pain and all those hidden aspects I was keeping locked in the dungeon of my soul.

After more than 2500 of hours of training, therapy groups and meditation, I simply realized that anger is my friend.

For me, anger is the highway to personal power, truth and freedom.

In the red energy of anger I can feel my ground and say No to what is not good for me and ask for what I need instead.

It’s the energy behind the courage I need to confront the demons inside my mind, who are sabotaging my own truth.

“Master of the Fury” is a series of workshops about transcending anger into a healthy, powerful resource.

In our meetings we will inquire into its manifestation into our lives, we will explore anger’s somatic response in the body, will learn to express and tame its explosive energy, transform it and use it as a tool to embrace our strength and determination, and to use it as an instrument to enlightenment.

We will use self-inquiry and counselling skills, constellations techniques, encounter, body exercises, and emotional release.


Saturday evening, 18 of January 2020 is the second meeting from this series.

The contribution for this event is 200lei.


Bring comfortable clothes, and an extra t-shirt.

To reserve your place, click I want to participate below.

If you need more details about this event you can contact me directly at 0744515706

Anda Hobai


“Anger is a positive need to experience vitality, and ability to let go of restrictions and repressions. When anger is clean, it touches the essence.”

Working with people. Red Essence, by Turyia Hanover and Rafia Morgan.

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