5Rhythms® Sweat

24 Apr

This event is a 2 hours class to discover or to continue the 5Rhythms® movement practice: FLOWING STACCATO CHAOS LYRICAL STILLNESS®. Dana is mentored by Ron Hagendoorn (accredited 5Rhythms® teacher).

5Rhythms® is a movement practice developed by Gabrielle Roth. Five different rhythms are gateways to our inner being. Flowing, Staccato, Chaos, Lyrical and Stillness. 

"Doing the rhythms is about waking up to your most essential nature, stretching your intuition and imagination as surely as your body. It’s a formless form, one that expands your range of physical and emotional expression and introduces you to forgotten parts of your psyche. It awakens intuitive intelligence and artistic sensibilities. Working out should be like having a conversation with your body and spirit; it should be personal, intimate, and holy." Gabrielle Roth, "Sweat Your Prayers".

5Rhythms is a powerful tool for change and good physical and emotional health. 

There are no prerequisites or specific physical condition required; everybody who has the desire to move is welcome. 

The class will count as 2 hours of Waves level dance experience towards the 5Rhythms teacher training, for those who are on this path.

Your contribution:

  • 90 RON if you come alone
  • 80 RON per person if you come with a friend
  • 70 RON per person if you come with 2 or more friends

Additional discount = 20% for dancers who have participated in 2019 in at least 2 certified 5Rhythms classes.

  • Get in touch with Dana Costea if you need to discuss the details of this event.
  • Phone: +40724312825 / email: