Reborn Woman!

17 Aug

Reborn Woman!

Reborn Woman.
Your Life Transforming Program
• 20 Sessions • 60hrs •
By Sumeia Ananda (Colombia) Transpersonal Psycholigist, Medicine Woman.

Would you be born again as a woman if you were given a choice?

Would you like to be reborn as a Gifted woman surrounded by Love, feeling longed for, desired and deeply valued by the life and your family environment?

To make this possible, we must first recognize the wound that we unconsciously perceive as a woman, so that we can heal it.

The Divine Feminine is Calling You

We live in the Time of the Goddess, the era of the awakening of the Divine Feminine consciousness. The pure Divine Feminine wishes to return to Earth through the opening of women’s consciousness and the awakening of the feminine aspects within men. She wants to bring balance to the planet and she can only do so if you listen to her call to heal your feminine woundings – from this lifetime or of the lifetimes of your feminine ancestors. The pure Divine Feminine can only rise when the distorted feminine energy within you is recognized, cleared healed and embraced.

The limitation. The pain of being a Woman.

All women carry the pain of being a Woman, some are aware of this and others are not (yet). These woundings emanate from the pain and frustration of centuries and centuries of suppression, control and being looked down upon, which has caused many issues in women’s consciousness and health.

Most of our mothers were not able to give us what we needed, because they themselves did not receive the input, encouragement and the right feedback from a mother or a grandmother who was fully in her connection with her inner power and listening consciously the Divine voice. This was primarily because her mother and all mothers in the ancestral line before her were not allowed to show, grow and rise this wisdom and power in society.

Women have been moulded into roles and positions that have not allowed their natural feminine aspects to flower. Consequently they have adopted many negative images around self-worth, limited thinking about their sexuality and their needs to the point where many struggle with worthiness, stepping into their true blueprint, and into their natural pathway of inner feminine creative power.

Which limitations do you recognize in yourself?

Many non-supportive ways of looking at yourself are rising in you, in order to be healed and transformed. You may be experiencing an Energy imbalance from the excessive importance and use of the male energy in your life?

* Do you find it difficult to be loyal to yourself, listening your needs; your longings?
* Are you overworked or do you experience burn-out?
* Do you find it difficult to set your boundaries?
* Perhaps do you feel that in your life, your priority is to serve others (children, husband, parents, friends) and you have no time for yourself?
* Do you find it difficult to experience silence, contemplation, meditation, dance, enjoyment, or creativity in your life?
* Do you consider very important to obtain other people’s approval?
* Are you tired of competing or trying to prove you don't need anyone?
* Are you disconnected from your intuition and you feel lost?

Perhaps those experiences are connecting you with The pain of being a women. 4 unconscious archetypes: the inner Girl, the inner Maiden, The inner Mother and the inner Grandmother; which require loving care, hold information that leads women to react or choose in ways that do not lead to the life they want. See do you recognise any of the following patterns in yourself:

The pain of Your inner Girl
* Are you insecure?
* Are you obsessed with perfection?
* Do you have an innate belief of not being good enough?
* Do you keep yourself smaller than you are?
* Are your inner conversations with yourself kind and compassionate?
* Do you know how to manifest and make growth a dream, a project, an intention with joy?
* Do you feel unexplainable emotional paralisis confronting challenge from your dreams, projects or relationships?

The wounding of your inner Maiden
* Do you have fears around stepping into your power?
* Do you perhaps feel ashamed of stepping into your creative resources?
* Does your work in life relate to what you are passionate about?
* Are you uncertain about your physical body, the way it functions or looks?
* Is the sexuality a difficult subject for you?
* Are your periods painful or disabling?
* Have you experienced sexual harassment or something worse?

The pain of the inner Mother
* Is your relationship with your mother a nourished experience?
* Do you accept your self totally like you are?
* Do you love what you do?
* Do you feel satisfied with the material resources you have?
* Do you have difficulties being confident or present in the world?
* Do you choose foods that provide you with health?
* Do you have habits that make you feel alive and happy?
* Are you a prosperous woman that consider you have enough resources to manifest your dreams?

Your inner grandmother's wound

* Do you feel respect or admiration for your grandmothers?
* You feel fear of loneliness?
* Do you feel afraid of death?
* Do you have difficulties to feel connected and supported by your ancestors?
* Do you feel proud of your ancestors?
* Do you feel proud of your roots?

If you feel call to heel this wounds and rebirth as A Gifted Woman... this workshop is for you...

Reborn Woman, Your Life-Transforming Program is an experience of personal and collective transformation, in a very professional, intimate and spiritual environment surrender of love, acceptance, compassion, and contentment, designed by Sumeia Ananda, to allow women to reconnect with the power of the Divine Feminine Consciousness.

In this process We will recognize, learn, and transforme the wounds, limitations and illusions we have in different layers of conscience and the ones we bring from our mother and father lineage unconsciously, to transform them in strength and virtuousity medicine for our well being.

This is a profoundly transformative process, sustained by her own healing as a woman, in the reconnection with the sacred feminine for the more than 20 years of journey as a Medicine Woman.

She gonna offer you, her professional experience as a Transpersonal Psychologist, facilitating Familiar Constellations, and different therapeutic processes of intergenerational healing, her tireless search for balance through transcendental movement, biodance, yoga practices, meditation, uterine breathing and Shamanic practices that have given her invaluable practical tools to heal the sacred feminine energy with in and restore the connection with the Mother Earth, the Cosmos and the Sacred Source of Creation.

Today you have the privilege to access them beautifully harmonized in this powerful 20 sessions program (60hrs) available for you to Transform your life and ReBorn as an Extraordinary Woman full of gifts and with a clear life purpose to walk through.

When this gonna happens?

Every Monday in two cycles between 20 January and 28 June.

1 Cycle: 20 January-30 March
*April 10-19 (Diamond Journey • Ancestral Magic Mexico) not included.
2 Cycle: 4 May - 29 June
*July (Diamond Journey • Ancestral Magic Colombia) not included.

*Diamond Journey, are open for all that feel the call to reconnect with sacred places where we can access to the loving, harmonious and healing energy of the divine Mother Earth, and meet with the original tribes that take care of her and keep that wisdom alive.

Face-to-face experiences and weekly personal practices will allow you to do an inner journey of ReCreation and Rebirth, giving you physical, emotional, cognitive and spiritual support, elements and materials to consciously reconnect the forgoten parts of the Complete Gifted Women You Are.

If you are still reading this, is because you feel right now the deeply call in your heart, now is time to commit yourself to make the whole program.

The Program

There will be 20 session of the soul in which we will be remembering, repairing and recreating the history that we require to Heal in order to experience health, Harmony, joy and prosperity.

👵🏽The grandmother. Awaken the inner wisdom

1. Reconnect with the power of your Roots. Healing
2. Transform the limited loyalty with the maternal lineage. Ritual.
3. Healing the paternal lineage. Ceremony.
4. Awaken the luminous heritage of your soul with the support of your ancestors. Meditation.
5. The reconnection with the Divine Source. Ceremony

🤱🏽 The Mother. Reconnects with the Source of Love and Abundance

1. Repair the emotional toxicity you receive from your mother. Healing.
2. Take the mother. Familiar Constelacion.
3.Learn to be a nurturing, loving and assertive mother towards yourself. Diamond healing.
4.Connect with the power of the Mother Earth and receive her blessings. Ceremony

👸 The Maiden, recover your creativity and activate the Passion for Life.

1. Heal your relationship with your menstrual cycle. Red tent.
2.Activate the inner joy. Heal the energetic blockages in the creative center. Breath work.
3.Recover the dynamic balance of male and female divine energy in your center of creation. Intuitive Dance.
4.Awaken your creative energy. Art therapy.

👧🏽 The Inner Girl. Recover your innocence and your Divine Grace.

1. Heal the wounds of your inner child. Healing
2. Free your voice, express your divine truth. Singing circle.
3. Be reconciled with Death. Transcend the illusions of the woman you are not. Ritual of passage.
4. Be reborn as a woman surrounded by Love. Breathwork
5. Blessing ceremony on the way.

The Perfect Place

Reborn Woman will be hosted by The Center (Bucarest• Rumania) and SUMEIA ANANDA (Columbia) as a facilitator.

Who is Sumeia Ananda?

She is a Transpersonal Psychologist, Coach of Human Transformation, Master of Yoga and Meditation, Moon Dancer and Drummer in the Mexica Tradition (since 2011), Medicine Woman with 20 years of experience in healing and shaping the inner wisdom and human consciousness expansion.

She was Guided by Wise Grandmothers and Grandfathers, shamans and healers awakened from the living ancestral cultures of Colombia, Mexico, Peru, North America from whom she has received the legacy of the integration of the Divine Feminine Energy and the reconnection with the Mother Earth.

In addition she is an unstoppable apprentice to many masters and teachers from whom she received the knowledge and effective conscious technologies to make possible the transformation. Her passion and experience as a researcher and designer of ancestral and holistic experiences, since 2005, make her a great teacher and transmitter of knowledge.

Sumeia is a woman with a big heart, guided by unconditional love for life, for her sisters and brothers and by the desire to contribute with her legacy and her gifts to the creation of a new prosperous humanity, capable of taking care, celebrating and honoring the precious gift of life.

Donation - Reciprocity of Value

Includes notebook, pen, materials, drinks (alkaline water, tea), healthy snacks, medicine music playlist and special gifts.

*Monthly 630 lei
*2 months in advance 1260 lei
*3 months in advance 1710 lei
*4 months in advance 2250 lei

*10% discount for Reborn Woman members 1st and 2nd season.

*👋Ask for 2 scholarships of 50% discount for collaboration with the production and postproduction of the event.

💫In addition🤩 Being part of Reborn Woman* healing process give you the right to receive discounts 20% for Full Moon Ceremonies and New Moon Feminine Wisdom Circles, and priority and 5% discount for the @the Soul Journey. Retreats with Sumeia and Catalin.


Limited spaces.
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Send a message written about you (name, age) and why you consider that this workshop is what you are looking for transform yourself as a Gifted Woman.

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