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Conscious Career Path

23 Jan

Have you ever thought about how you decide what you do with your career? Is it a conscious choice, or is it highly influenced by external factors, driving you towards something that doesn't resonate with you at all?

Are you tired of following someone else's dream?

Here's the thing - we are all influenced one way or another by external factors when deciding what to do with our lives. I myself am an example for this. I grew up wanting to study Pshychology, but my parents wanted me to be an Engineer, so I went and studied Cybernetics. I started working as a Customer Care Representative, then later as a Statistics Analyst, and in 2008 I was a Project Manager, when I decided I wanted to go back to my passion for supporting people in their development. My career path looked like a constant struggle between what I felt I had to do, and what other people told me was a good idea for a career.

Are you done experimenting with your life?

The good news is you don't have to be as undecided as I used to be, or as most of the candidates that I interviewed over the past 8 years were. We often believe that we have enough time to experiment with our own lives, and we procrastinate the most important decision in our career: What do you really want to do? Suddenly we realize the best years of our lives have gone by, and they were wasted doing meanigless jobs for all the wrong reasons.

Are you ready to take matters into your own hands?

The good news is that it's never too late to do something about this. When I started following my passion again, although it required some compromise, I felt unstoppable. For the first time I thought to myself "Yes! This is what my life must be about!". I am here to tell you that you can do the same. If you choose to follow my program, you will:

  • become aware of your limitations and overcome them;
  • understand what causes your lack of action and procrastination;
  • define your mission and reconnect with your own values;
  • see the big picture that is your life and your role in it;
  • be able to decide what you want to do on the long run.

Schedule a session so we can discuss this in more detail. The first session is my gift to you, to see if we have 'chemistry' and if we can create something together. We will be using a lot of tools - from psychometrics to mindfulness - so be prepared for a surprising approach to career counseling.

  • Date: 23.01.2020
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