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Relationship Coaching

16 Jan

Relationship Coaching

Deep inside, we all know that relationships can be joyful, juicy and fulfilling. Yet, many times they turn out to be exactly the opposite.

A difficult love story, a fight with a parent or a fall-out with a friend can be the cause of our biggest distress.

Moved by a particularly difficult situation in my life 10 years ago, I started a journey of seeking what makes some relationships work and others not. On the way, I’ve turned many stones and in time I found that it all comes down to a simple truth:

Relationships are great teachers and all the distressful situations we encounter on their way help us know and love ourselves moreWith that, we naturally start experiencing more satisfaction, nourishment and passion in our relationships.

The Relationship Coaching sessions are for those who wish to discover how to deal with the difficult situations in their relationships in a way that creates more closeness, love and intimacy:

- how to use these situations to know ourselves first – what is the cause of our reactions and how to deal with the emotions that arise;

- once we understand ourselves better, how can we truly open ourselves to the other, speaking from the heart, with clarity and without fear. 

If this is something you are looking for in this moment, you can book a session by clicking the button below or just writing me an email at

The first time we meet will be an an exploratory session, free of any obligation (financial or to work together) – its purpose is to simply get to know each other and to feel if we can make a good team.

Best wishes,

Radha Alina Ionescu 

Relating Coach&Meditation Facilitator. 

  • Date: 16.01.2020
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