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The Center Community promotes, supports and coordinates professional initiatives offering therapy, counselling, coaching, meditation, healing and personal development.

Our mission is to connect people with an experienced team of therapists, facilitators, and coaches whom we deeply trust.

The Center requires: competence, confidentiality, absence of conflict of interests, active participation in the market, correct behavior towards clients and colleagues, respect and care for the space.


If you want to rent our space, without accessing the benefits of being part of our community, please consider the Full Price column.

If you want to benefit from belonging to our community of facilitators and participants, please consider the Community Prices.

If this is the first time you are collaborating with us, we invite you at The Center to meet, to explore what we can create together, and to receive more details about how we can support each other.

Hosting a Group Event

Interval Community price Full price
Mon-Fri (9 am - 6 pm) 500 lei 600 lei
Mon-Fri (7 pm - 11 pm) 350 lei 450 lei
Sat,Sun (9 am - 6 pm) 700 lei 900 lei
Sat,Sun (7 pm - 11 pm) 500 lei 600 lei
Full Day (Mon-Fri) 800 lei 1000 lei
Full Day (Sat, Sun) 1100 lei 1400 lei

Individual Sessions

You can also host your individual sessions at The Center - weekdays (Mon-Fri) from 9 am to 5 pm - for 250 lei (Community Price)

Contact Us

For more details about how you can host your own event at The Center, please contact us.

Community Connectors

In a world of stress and psychosomatic illness, The Center is a magical place, an oasis of calm and harmony
where we can support each other, feel safe to open up, and heal.

We wish that here you will find what are you looking for!

Anda Hobai

ANC SIAF certified Holistic Counselor and Meditation Facilitator

There is calm and balance inside our mind, heart and body; there is wisdom and power to heal, and to achieve our dreams. I will guide you to find them.

Bogdan Stefan

Coach & Meditation Facilitator

If you are ready to experience the roller coaster of the subconscious mind, on your way to emotional healing, Bogdan is your ideal companion in group journeys or individual sessions.