Our Space
Our Space

The first time when the idea of creating a meditation center dawned into my mind, I didn’t even know what meditation means. I needed help to find who I am and to find my truth, and I wanted to create a community where I would feel supported and where I could offer my support.

“You can help others only when you have helped yourself, not before.” is one of the first Osho’s lines that inspired me to follow my path. It took me a long journey and a lot of courage to recognize my own anger, fear and pain, to remember my past and to realize how it shaped my personality, and to reconnect with my essence.

In 2016, after many hours of training, meditation and personal development groups, I felt ready to follow this mission and to allow this center to be created through me.

I am also an architect, and for me, space has energy, personality and power to change the way we feel. When the place was presented to me by an agency, I recognized its spirit. I started without a plan, I didn’t know how it will end up looking like, I just had trust.

Step by step, the space guided me into its creation. Every inch of plaster on the walls, every detail you see inside was touched by my hands and imprinted with love. I had the feeling that it wasn't me deciding what to do next, I was following the Center’s guidance. When I was tired, a new resource was sent to me to help me finish.

In the beginning we called it Meditation Center. Meditation is not only sitting on a pillow like a Buddha watching the breath. Meditation is living every day aware of our feelings, our thoughts and listening to the body. Meditation is being aware of our truth every moment: when we eat, when we walk, when we interact with people.

Meditation means asking every moment: Am I here now, on this earth, in this body, or am I in my thoughts, wondering around in my past, or in the future, having conversations with people in my head? Am I honest and kind with myself right now? Am I aligned with my truth?

And of course, we will not be always present, but becoming aware of stepping out of our center is enough to recognize our own truth.

In 2019 The Center received a new identity, symbol of energy source, unity and essence. And the story will go on, with a new team and new energy.

We wish that at The Center, you will find a space of harmony, love, safety and truth.

Anda Hobai