Community Facilitators

We will support you to develop your innermost qualities, to heal your deepest wounds, and become aware of your own essence.

Anda Hobai

ANC SIAF certified Holistic Counselor and Meditation Facilitator

There is calm and balance inside our mind, heart and body; there is wisdom and power to heal, and to achieve our dreams. I will guide you to find them.

Bogdan Stefan

Coach & Meditation Facilitator

If you are ready to experience the roller coaster of the subconscious mind, on your way to emotional healing, Bogdan is your ideal companion in group journeys or individual sessions.

Sumeia Ananda

Transpersonal Psychologist, Medicine Woman

Sumeia Ananda has always been passionate about healing, human transformation and the awakening of the wisdom of the Heart, where ordinary consciousness expands into extraordinary consciousness.

Paul & Rodica

AcuEnergetics® Practitioners

Paul and Rodica are offering holistic support in healing of mind, body and emotions using the AcuEnergetics® approach. Working with the bio-electrical system of the body, this helps in a wide range of conditions, both physical and emotional.

Radha Alina Ionescu

Relating Coach & Meditation Facilitator

Radha supports men and women through relationship challenges. She sees these events as a profound invitation to know ourselves and to deepen the understanding, closeness and intimacy in our lives.

Cristina Schmidt

Psihoterapeut, Trainer & Coach

Psihoterapeut, Trainer & Coach

Laura Ungureanu

Kundalini Yoga & Meditation Teacher, Transpersonal Therapist

Sunt aici pentru a impartasi din ceea ce am experimentat, asumandu-mi in continuare rolul de ghid pentru cine alege si e pregatit sa vada dincolo de valul iluziei. Sunt aici pentru a servi si a asigura cadrul necesar pentru ca tu sa expansionezi!

Cristina Alexandra Andrei & Valentin Neacsu


Psihoterapeut Cristina Alexandra Andrei & Terapeut Valentin Neacșu

Dana Costea

5Rhythms SpaceHolder & Producer

Dana has fallen in love with 5Rhythms in 2012, has been organizing workshops with certified teachers from abroad since 2015 and is a SpaceHolder since 2018. Her facilitating style is warm, gentle, creative and structured.

Sofia Pistrila

Certified Holistic Nutritionist

In my practice my main focus is to educate people about the negative effects of stress and ways to deal with it. Through customized diet, life style changes and intervention at energetic level, I help my clients to blossom to their full potential.

Petra Müller-Demary

Solution focused Coach and Trainer

I support individual people and teams in their journey. Getting better connected with yourself, your strengths, inner resources and wisdom, and connect in an appreciative way with the people around you creates a space where magic becomes possible.

Flavia Cioceanu

Dream Map Facilitator

Dream Map Facilitator