Anda Hobai

ANC SIAF certified Holistic Counselor and Meditation Facilitator

There is calm and balance inside our mind, heart and body; there is wisdom and power to heal, and to achieve our dreams. I will guide you to find them.

The meaning of our path is to accept and love ourselves, and to stop judging and repressing our feelings and needs.

8 years ago, I decided to risk everything I’ve created in my life, to find out who I really am, and to live according to what I really feel.
It took me a lot of courage to look inside myself and to connect with my anger, my fear, my pain and all those hidden aspects I was keeping locked in the dungeon of my soul.

Meditation and therapy saved my life. I traveled around the world to find the best teachers and therapists. I am grateful for the chance I had to connect with so much knowledge and wisdom from different healing practices, through more than 2500 hours of training and meditation programs.

You can have a look at the detailed map of my inner journey.

Holistic counselling is a merging of all the qualities I gathered on this journey of healing and learning.

In our individual sessions I will guide you to find your most powerful resources to release your energy, clarity and potential to create the life you always wanted.

Until you spread your wings, you will have no idea how far you can fly!”