Radha Alina Ionescu

Relating Coach & Meditation Facilitator

Radha supports men and women through relationship challenges. She sees these events as a profound invitation to know ourselves and to deepen the understanding, closeness and intimacy in our lives.

Deep inside, we all know that relationships can be joyful, juicy and fulfilling. Yet, many times they turn out to be exactly the opposite.

A quarrel with a parent, a conflict with our boss or a difficult love story can be the cause of our biggest distress.

Every time we walk away from such a situation not knowing what to do, our trust in having fulfilling relationships in our lives becomes a little less.

Moved by a particularly difficult situation in my life 10 years ago, I started a journey of finding what makes relationships work. On the way, I’ve turned many stones. Relationship psychology, meditation and communication are a few. It’s been a journey of understanding, experiencing and experimenting in my life and later of helping people in difficult situations. It brought me slowly to a simple, yet powerful understanding:

Relationships are great teachers and all the distressful situations we encounter on their way help us grow. As we grow, we naturally start experiencing more satisfaction, nourishment and passion in our relationships.

Through seminars, workshops and one-to-one work, I share the “nuts and bolts” of this approach. Authenticity, fearlessness and love are at the core of it. The courage to look at ourselves is what it requires. A deepening of love in our relationships is its precious reward.

When you feel it’s the right time for this in your life, I will be here to support you!