Flavia Cioceanu

Dream Map Facilitator

Dream Map Facilitator

I am Flavia, a passionate of both Dreams and Transcendant Experiences, in love with investigating, deconstructing and zooming into life and into patterns of the human behavior. My personal map has 

I have gone through many different stages in my life which have always led me towards developing artistic skills such as writing, drawing, singing, languages, and also towards exploring the deeper, hidden layers of life.

Shamanic practices have come in my life to put together the passion for ecstasy and transcendence, for the beauty of arts and the passion for the human psyche and its equivalent in emotions. All these come together with the passion for virtual and augmented reality and the endeavor of human beings of overcoming their condition through technology.

I intend to use two pairs of "word geenies" throughout my workshops and sessions: "Deep Play" and "Sacred Humor", both being higher gifts brought by the archetype of the Joker or the Trickster, which I have been diving in these past couple of years. They bring forward a sense of lightness when facing life's challenges and a gradual restructuring of the mental and emotional systems.

Connection and Competence are also two key words that shine bright in my life purpose, connecting the hidden realms with the material, practical ones through various skills that bring forward the Human Genius. Here I am sharing them with you, connecting people and envisioning their gifts together!