Bogdan Stefan

Coach, Human Synergistics Trained Facilitator & Meditation Facilitator

If you are ready to experience the roller coaster of the subconscious mind, on your way to emotional healing, Bogdan is your ideal companion in group journeys or individual sessions.

Bogdan (Karim Prem) was always passionate about systems thinking, technology, and human behavior. He studied Cybernetics to better understand systems and patterns in the surrounding world, planing to spend his life behind a computer screen, in a world of data & statistics. However, the year 2008 brought him the realization that he is more fascinated about patterns in human behavior, so he became a Soft Skills Training Facilitator, supporting people in their personal and professional development.

Later he was facing another important turning point - after moving to Bucharest, his body almost collapsed under the effects of stress, so he started to look for a way to get back in touch with himself, and relax. He discovered the inherent self-healing potential we all have. After a 21 days OSHO Dynamic Meditation program, his body had healed a chronic disease that was diagnosed for life. He realised the entire world could enjoy the benefits of meditation in a very practical way, in our daily lives. He started to expriment with many different techniques - from the basic Mindfulness, to Shamanic Journeying - and became a Coach and OSHO Meditation Facilitator. He later developed his own programs, that combine different proven healing methods, digging into the subconscious mind and supporting people to heal emotionally.

Connect with him if you want to meet your inner healer, your own life force, and reconnect with your true Self.

"Don't submit to stupid rules
Be yourself and not a fool
Don't accept average habits
Open your heart and push the limits"