Ana Radu & Roxana Panturoiu

Institute for Integrative Nutrition graduates, Juiceit founders & Health


We created Juiceit with one mission, to get more people drinking and eating healthy food. Our goal is not only to get you to order healthy meals, more importantly it is to get you to understand why eating fresh nutritious food is so important. As a result, education is a huge component of our beliefs.

We believe in approaching wellness holistically, so that people can grow into the best version of themselves.

We create and put into practice customised corporate wellbeing solutions that aim to create long term change, invigorate teams and improve business productivity.  

We have considerable experience in designing and implementing wellness retreats with great feedback and results. 

We deliver nutrition workshops and personalised cooking classes during our retreats. The right energy of individuals and teams alike, comes from a well-balanced and thoughtful planning of daily meals