Sumeia Ananda

Transpersonal Psychologist, Medicine Woman

Sumeia Ananda has always been passionate about healing, human transformation and the awakening of the wisdom of the Heart, where ordinary consciousness expands into extraordinary consciousness.

She grew up in a very violent social environment in Colombia during her childhood and adolescence which pushed her to seek ways to heal her physical, mental, emotional and spiritual wounds, and then to contribute to the healing of her family and community. In 1999 she began to study different approaches to Social Psychology, Psychoanalysis, Transpersonal Psychology and Art Therapy.

In 2005 she began to learn about Holistic Healing practices directly from the wisdom of the ancient peoples. She found in the ancestral healing technologies powerful tools to expand the consciousness, which she learns directly from indigenous sages from Colombia, Mexico, Peru, and the United States. Sumeia received from Grandmothers and Grandfathers, healers and shamans, the legacy of being an ambassador of the Heart in the global process of awakening the Divine Consciousness, in reconnection with Mother Earth.

Her experience is based on facilitating processes of healing, education and transformation. As a Psychologist and Medicine Woman, she is an expert guide of women, both in individual sessions and in group programs, to heal and awaken the potential of body, mind, emotion and spirit. This allows them to make their Divine feminine essence flourish and find their purpose in life through the recognition of the Teachings that live behind the painful experiences of the past, helping them to recognize the Divine Gifts they have for their Evolution. 

She also has extensive experience in supporting men, children, families and communities in expanding consciousness and healing limiting unconscious programs through experiences of meditation, kundalini yoga, breath work, dance, authentic movement, shamanic singing and others. Conducts Cacao Ceremonies that awaken the Heart, intuition and strengthen, and collective healing experiences in sacred circles of wisdom.  

Connect with Sumeia Ananda if you want to awaken the Divine Feminine Essence within you, remember the mysterious language of the Sacred voice that speaks to your heart, if you want to learn to reclaim the gifts and powers that were given to you to manifest the life you deserve, according to your divine plan here on Earth.

“If light is in your heart, You will find your way home”